There are a million reasons why I love photography. Like the way my camera feels in my hands or the catchlight in my subject’s eye. The excitement of a new location, and the beautiful background blur while shooting with a long lens. I also love the way great light casts the perfect highlights and shadows to bring an image to life. But the most exhilarating and my favorite by far is the art of storytelling with no words at all. I’ve always loved a challenge and what is more challenging than telling your story so our viewer relies only on the emotion of the image to catch a glimpse of your story and to hear it with warmth and fervency.

We all have hopes, desires and dreams that drive our thoughts and actions. It’s that which gives voice to our story and purpose to our lives. Sometimes you just wanna shout it out to the world but truly, all that is needed, is a camera that can capture your heart and a photographer who is moved to tell your story.

Thats all I am. A storyteller who is dependent on your heart and passion to tell your story.

And I would love for you to challenge me.