May 26, 2012

Boise Nampa Idaho Senior Photographer


Hi, and welcome to  Studio HIgh {by M Kay Photography} blog. M Kay Photogrpahy has been around for 4 years and captured thousands of memories.  My love for our youth and their energy as they prepare to take on the world is much too large to package into a “family photography business”. Such is the case, STUDIO HIGH was born.

Why my love for Senior Photography other then feeling like I am still a senior myself?

We live in a society where if you don’t look a certain way, wear the right jeans, or play on the right team, you are not worthy of reconigition or praise. Some may say “you are not a valueable person.” I say ” WRONG”! And don’t wait until High School is over to discover  your great worth.  Let me show you! I want you to see yourself through unfiltered eyes and don’t get caught up in who you are or aren’t now, but who you are still yet to be! My true hope is for my lens to capture the REAL you. And I just don’t mean your “inner beauty and special personality”,  but what is in your heart. What drives you, what inspires you and what are your greatest hopes and dreams. Don’t let someone else determine your future. This is just the beginning so “grab the reigns” and hang on because the best is yet to come.

Here on the blog we will share the best photo’s of our latest sessions, keep you posted on all the latest specials and promotions, and provide a glimpse into the lives of our cool seniors through interviews and events.  Yes I will be asking those tough questions in the hope that our senior’s answers will inspire us all.

Let Studio HIgh tell your story as a high school senior and capture a few moments of  how you will be remembered.  If you are a senior in need of senior pictures.. don’t waste another minute and contact Studio High at 208.871.0926 to book your 2013 senior session.