January 25, 2013

Class of 2014 Senior Models Wanted | Boise Nampa Idaho Senior Photography

Attention Juniors!!
The search is on for outstanding, fun, energetic, upcoming seniors to represent STUDIO HIGH and the 2014 Senior Class!This is YOUR chance to be part of Studio High’s biggest shoot/shoots of the year including one with a stylized theme, hair, makeup, and of course food and fun!

You will also be in a position to inspire and encourage those around you, you will be a positive voice and role model in your school and community and you will also receive lots of “free goodies” to go toward your own personal senior session.

I am looking for leaders in your peer groups, someone who doesn’t take themself too seriously and, of course, you must be a senior who graduates in 2014.

If you are a good fit or know someone who is; apply by clicking the red image in the upper right portion of the STUDIO HIGH FAN PAGE at www.facebook.com/studiohigh. Deadline for applications is February 25th 2013. Don’t wait till the last minute! Appl now!

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