May 30, 2016

Class of 2017 “Be inspired” video | LEAVE YOUR LEGACY | Boise Idaho Senior Photographer

Yay… CLASS OF 2017..Now it is your turn to be a SENIOR!

As you may already know each year we are dedicated to bringing you an exciting, inspiring, and empowering campaign ad to kick off your senior year. We call it the “Be-Inspired” video/photoshoot where we film and photograph a story that will give purpose and meaning to our promotional material  featuring our local Class of  2017 seniors. This year we want to encourage you to make your mark in this world and leave your own personal legacy of greatness.

We spent sometime with Captain Beauvais at Nampa’s fire station #5 who is an amazing example of leaving his mark and living his legacy. He said..”Each day you spend here should be a day making yourself better from now as a senior in high school until the day you leave this world.”

Do you know your worth?

Do you know that you are not only deserving of your own accomplishments but you are the reason others desire to achieve? Sometimes your own greatest accomplishment is not one of a skill or status. But it is simply how you leave people feeling after you associate with them. How you help others see their true potential.

You have the power to change people’s minds. To assist them in believing they are worthy of success. Others will always come after you. You can choose to leave a positive example that improves your school, community, and surroundings or one that stops the progression of greatness.

Make it your mission to leave this world better. To arouse something deep in others so they catch a glimpse of their own incredible legacy. Know that no obstacle is bigger than heart, effort and belief of one’s self. Trust that you are the difference between someone trying harder and someone giving up. Have faith that the only thing you take with you after you leave this life is that which you leave behind. Be courageous enough to raise the bar and leave a powerful legacy that will never be forgotten.

Please take a moment and view Our Class of 2017 “Be-Inspired” video. “LEAVE YOUR LEGACY”

Leaving a Legacy Class of 2017 from Emily Livingston Flint on Vimeo.