August 14, 2013

Superman, Columbia High School Senior / Nampa Idaho Senior Photographer

So I have been hangin out with CHS class of 2014 senior rep Smyles… I like to call him. I thought I owned the market share on that name but nope; his smile is bigger than life so naturally he answers to that quite frequently. And because he is so beloved by so many, how can I not love this kid too! Smyles aka superman aka Clark Kent looks really good on the outside right? In fact he is actively perusing modeling/acting career as we speak. But he is not just another pack of pretty 6’s and big guns. He has a truly impressive kind heart, warm personality and incredible positive attitude. I believe and tell my kids often.. there are two types of people in this world. Energy givers and energy takers. Myles is a giver. He gives his heart in everything he does, he gives a smile everywhere he goes, and he brings his all in every task he confronts. He inspires you to be better. Who knew this kid really was superman. And I love that I can call him my friend. I’m pretty sure I don’t hold the market share on that either as I realize he is everyone’s BFF. I guarantee you will see him fulfilling his dreams as a real life superstar on the big screen and a real life hero in every place he plants his feet. I know it seems I have sorta put this cute boy on a petastol but rest assured.. he is not perfect. If you ask him about his imperfections he will humbly tell you.

Myles, you know I cannot fully describe the pleasure it has brought me to rub shoulders with you this year and call you a friend. You are ONE OF A KIND. You are a hero! Along with an amazing mom and dad you must have!! Thanks again for allowing me to capture a few memories of you the summer before your senior year. I cannot wait to see what greatness awaits!
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