June 1, 2012

Congratulatons Junior Class / Boise Nampa Idaho Senior Photographer


Congratulatons Junior Class! School is offically out and it is the summer before the biggest school year of your life! Finally you are a SENIOR! No longer green and clean but ripe with promise and it all starts now!! There is so much to do and it is never too early to start!

Hopefully your checklist includes SENIOR PORTRAITS; and, of course, I am here to tell you all about it!


When should you book your senior portrait session?

The answer is RIGHT NOW.

My summer always fills up faster than I think and as always, I will only be taking on a limited number of senior sessions each month. I am starting in June and will be taking my last bookings in October; maybe early November.  The turn around time from the time you take the portraits to product in hand, can be 4-6 weeks. So make sure you know your deadlines and don’t waste another minute!

Ideas on what to wear?

  • Think layers, textures, and accessories. Avoid logos and large prints.
  • Dark colors are always best, white or light color clothing can make you look wash out.
  • Think of what shows your personality and style the best and work from there.

You can see more about preparing for your session under details in the header menu at the top of the blog.


Lastly here are a few more fun shots from my totally cool 2013 Studio High Senior Models to get you inspired! They are super fun, amazingly talented and have personalities larger than life! I have truly enjoyed working with them and loved getting to know them so well over the last few months that I am pretty sure if it wasn’t for my “graceful aging” I could sneak into school and fit right in. Well I like to think so anyway. I can’t wait to tell you all about them so stay posted! For now enjoy some fun photo moments with them as they helped me prepare for this year’s Senior Season! Thanks a million guys!