January 29, 2013

Hudson | Boise Nampa Idaho Senior Portraits

Senior Hudson Bekkedahl; aka Super-stud Hud…(actually that may just be a nickname I coined, but appropriate all the same),  not only is he a super stud, but he is also a talented athlete, cute and kind guy. All while he maintains his “goofball” status when called upon. The thing I admire most about this kid is he is crazy & fun on the outside but deep down seems to really cares about others and their happiness. Wow.. what a keeper girls!.. Sorry Hudson if I am embarrassing you too much ;). But seriously      one-of-a-kind cool kid.  There will definitely be times, I am certain, that you will be tempted to change who you are and what you believe but you can always refer back to your interview with STUDIO HIGH to remind you what you value most! Ha, its got to be useful for something in the future right?  Thanks for allowing me to capture a few memories of your senior year. As always, I can’t wait to see what your future holds and the greatness that awaits!

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