August 23, 2017

LIVE HAPPY | Class of 2018


Every year studio high is dedicated to bringing you an inspirational theme to kick off the new graduating class. Many of you have been with me for a while and know how very important it is to me to market with a message. Or promote the portraits of these amazing seniors with a purpose. Taking a photo for me is more than using my eyes or mind to compose a shot. I’m actually pretty guilty of breaking many rules. It has always been and still is a heartfelt labor of love to capture each subject I photograph with passion, emotion, animation and authenticity of their true character, their talents, personal convictions and their own unique self expression of life.

Each year we brainstorm a subject matter we want to promote for the newest graduating class. Ideally something that will speak to our audience and allow our kids to be a positive voice among all the other loud voices out there. It’s always somewhat of a challenge and it requires a lot of effort to complete this task. They we plan it out, schedule a shoot, film it and share it.

This year didn’t come so easy. It was a struggle coming up with a theme better then the last or all the years past. But what did stand out was the amazing senior models involved in our program this year.

They have incredible attitudes and a rich zest for life. Their energy is contagious, and their spirit and personalities refreshing and shameless. I love them! And as always these kids inspire me the most.

They have inspired me to laugh and smile and choose to be happy among some of the toughest challenges I’ve faced this year.

I used to think that my happiness was dependent on someone or something else. I mean, why not, right? If we have more money, the nicest car, cutest cloths, best career, exciting adventures, unlimited praise or accolades, or the perfect love then how could we ever be unhappy. Or maybe it’s the destination of those things that will lead to the ultimate happiness.

I think what I’ve learned the most this year is… we don’t really need a reason to be happy. Happiness is a way of living. Happiness is a choice and can only be felt in the present moment.

Happiness comes from within. If it is coming from anything other than self-love and self-acceptance it is just illusory, temporary, misleading and really isn’t happiness at all. Perhaps it is only a way to feel something pleasurable because we lack the true ability to love ourselves.

Hope you spend some time watching our Class of 2018 “Live Happy” video and feel inspired to be happy today. Just because.

Thank you to these fabulous seniors and their desire to serve studio high and spread their happiness and cheer!  And thanks so much to my great friend Nate who filmed it all. XO


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