June 14, 2012

Mario | Nampa Idaho Senior Photographer


Well I have kept you all waiting long enough. Finally I am posting a real senior session with one of Studio High’s finest!

Meet Mr. Mario Jenkins. He is pretty much the coolest and cutest running back I know. (Expect for my own kid of course.)  Not only is he a superstar on the football field but a superstar in real life! He is smart, funny, kind, humble and I could go on and on!  And lets not forgot to mention a truly wanted man by a few Div 1A colleges around the states including one that pairs orange with blue.  I am probably seriously embarassing him… but really…. an all around amazing kid!  Truly my pleasure and honor to spend a little time with him and capture a few great memories. And  Mario I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you in your football career and personal life! No doubt you will enjoy great success! And huge “kudos” to mom for a stellar young man!



I promised interviews and Mario was lucky #1! Thanks a million Mario for allowing us to sneak a peek on the inside!




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