May 29, 2013

Studio High Class of 2014 Super Heros

Yay.. Finally posting my stunning 2014 seniors reps first photo shoot to kick off  the new SENIOR CLASS of 2014!   We have been working really hard to bring you fun, creative , and stylish pictures this spring to get you geared up for your senior pictures that hopefully is on your “to do list” before the end of the year.

Now that it is only a few days away from the end of your Junior year and the beginning of  your own high school senior experience, it is time to prepare. Don’t wait till the last minute to book your session. As always, spots are filling up quickly and you do not want to miss the opportunity to get the best senior pictures possible and have one of your greatest  photo experiences with Studio High.

If you couldn’t tell already; we have sets our sights on SUPER HEROS and how each one of us possess our own unique talents and strengths that make us all heros in our own way. We are created to be great and often times we don’t allow ourselves to see it or we hide it because we are afraid of failure or rejection. Or maybe we fear that we will discover we aren’t all that great after all. I hope to changed that view this year. If you read the “about page” here at the Studio High website you already know how strongly I believe this.

You are great, you are a hero! Start believing it!  For now, enjoy our favorites from the incredible “Hero’s at Studio High”. They have been so willing to serve without anything in return. These are my heros.

Hair Design by Sydnee Jerome

Esthetics and make-up by Kylee Robinson

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